Howard To

Howard recalls that he had fainted during a PE lesson when he was six years old. Later, after a series of body checks, he was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia. Over the years, he recalls having fainted over 10 times. In 2011, while riding in his father’s case, upon hearing a car honk, he immediately fainted and lost consciousness. Luckily, Howard’s father took him to the hospital immediately, whereupon he was saved. Under the diagnosis and advice of doctors, Howard decided to have an ICD implanted in his heart.

Afterwards he had undergone various examinations, such as ECG and MRI, but could not track the cause of his arrhythmia. In 2013, a genetic test showed that Howard has Long QT syndrome (LQTS), a type of SADS condition. LQTS is hereditary, which meant that his immediate family members might also have this condition. Therefore, Howard's immediate family members also took various tests to identify and treat LQTS as soon as possible. Nowadays, Howard lives a normal life and is continuing his education. His only caution is to avoid strenuous exercise.