SADS x APHRS joint symposium & SADS patient support group

SADS x APHRS joint symposium, 3 Sep

We are extremely grateful to Dr. Michael Ackerman for coming to Hong Kong despite the Typhoon Signal No. 10. The three-days APHRS conference, which experienced the journey from typhoon to sunshine, had successfully concluded. Also, we are blessed to have Dr. Ackerman and many international experts who visited Hong Kong and shared the latest information and treatments for SADS. 

SADS patient support group meeting, 3 Sep

We have invited the SADS families to join this meeting. This is just a small group meeting, so that all family can take the opportunity to share their concerns and journey. Thanks to Dr. Michael Ackerman for hosting the SADS patient support group meeting where he addressed the concerns and questions of patients and their families. In the meeting, our SADS HK advisor Dr. SY Kwok for providing Cantonese translation and also other advisors’ help in offering support and care to each family. From the participants’ feedback, they greatly cherished the opportunity of this gathering and have benefited immensely from it, resolving their concerns that had been lingering in their minds.